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Hepatitis is a viral infection of the liver which affects over 5 million Americans. This number is expected to quadruple by the year 2010.

It commonly causes

      Muscle and joint pains
      Change in personality

It can lead to

      cirrhosis or scarring of the liver
      liver failure
      mental changes
      fluid retention
      gastrointestinal bleeding
      liver cancer

Inflammation of the liver from viruses (A, B, C, E and others), toxins (alcohol), drugs, fat. A careful approach will allow for precise diagnoses, and an intergrated treatment.

CPMC has a world renowned Liver Center, and one of the world’s best liver transplant programs. My close relationship with those world class physicians and researchers gives you the best resource for your hepatitis problem.

Dr. Aron offers

Comprehensive state-of-the-art testing for Hepatitis treatments that can, in many cases,

      prevent and reverse liver scarring
      prevent liver cancer
      clear the virus

  Healing and alternative supplements
  Personal guidance and family counseling

If you had Hepatitis in past, have follow-on complications, or a chronic abdominal pain, please call [415-674-5200] or email me to make an appointment.


Hepatitis Foundation



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Research Alert

Hep C Virus Research Breakthrough

Researchers in Japan, Germany and USA can now grow the Hep C virus in tissue culture. Until now, only indirect methods were available to study this virus. Now we can design better medications to clear this virus. Stay tuned!

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